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Master Storyteller 3.2 Review


PROS / This software offers useable writing tips and techniques to improve your writing. CONS / Master Storyteller lacks structure templates and story outlines to help you produce a book, screenplay or story. VERDICT / This software is not for everyone hoping to produce a book or other writing project …

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MasterWriter 3.0 Review


PROS / This software offers comprehensive tools to help you write stories, books, songs, poems and screenplays. CONS / MasterWriter lacks features to help you develop characters, plots, conflicts and stories. VERDICT / This is a great software program to find just the right word or phrase in your creative …

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Garfield’s Typing Pal 1 Review


PROS / Fun games, starring Garfield and his friends, provide an interactive way to learn how to type. CONS / There is no support for Apple computers. VERDICT / Kids will have fun learning how to type with Garfield. Garfield’s Typing Pal is an affordable typing games for kids software …

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Power Structure Review


PROS / Power Structure is versatile with different formats to help you organize a variety of writing projects, including novels and screenplays. CONS / It lacks a brainstorming tool, genre outlines and a dictionary. VERDICT / This software’s multiformat platform will help you produce creative writing projects of all kinds. …

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Storybase 2.0 Review


PROS / Storybase creative writing software is good at helping you develop characters. CONS / Storybase lacks genre and story outlines, structure templates, a dictionary, thesaurus and other writing tools. VERDICT / This software can help you create interesting characters and conflicts, but it lacks most tools for overall story …

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The Art and Sham of Writing


Creative writing software can help you to write better, so go ahead and click on that hyperlink if you want to see our product reviews. Now that I’ve exposed one purpose of this article, I’ll reveal my hidden purpose. Every writer has one. For some, it’s putting subtle keywords into …

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